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When eunhae [the biggest fail OTP in the world] try to teach E.L.F[  the biggest fail fandom in the world ^^] how to sing a simple sentence: ”Lets fly get high. you can be my wonder land” 

Duckming's Second Giveaway


First things first, I’m sorry if I dont have those fancy photos right now. Everything’s chaotic with regards to SJ so yeah..

As it is stated, this will be my second giveaway. I wanted a separate giveaway for AASJ and 7jib but I wasnt able to do so because of RL things.

Anyways, rules!

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[TREND & WATCH] Let’s trend #MamacitaTo6Million while we go WATCH the MV! Watch & share the link so more will click!


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good angle ;)

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[SPREAD!] In 25 mins we will do a special trend & MV viewing effort. Please anticipate & prepare to fight hard for #SUPERJUNIOR !!

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siwon1987: ready for war.

special_js1004: who’s the friend that’s behind u? he’s super handsome!!!^____^ kkk… (cr)

Guys, let us focus on buying #MAMACITA Version A for our boys’ GDA win as this is our major goal for this comeback!

Are you being serious rn? How did i bash on them? Pls copy that part bc i can’t see it. Let’s just clear something up. I’m not mad at K-ELF nor SJ. I’m actually happy for K-ELF and i think SJ did a very nice job, bc idols don’t usually give free hugs just bc their fans support them. I just think it’s not fair for other ELF who are supporting them as much as K-ELF. It’s just my personal opinion.

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I agree. But it’d be a bit hard for SJ to go everywhere. I mean. SJ don’t even come to Australia (which is so sad). But I think it’d be best if they do something online or something for all ELF’s. It isn’t very fair on all us other ELF’s not in Korea
I didn’t think they’d go everywhere to give free hugs, but liek idk, they can announce more cities for SS6. They’re not even going to USA/Australia/New Zealand/Middle East. And doing only one city in whole Europe. If you know what i mean. they have many things to do, we can’t even imagine so yeah lol
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I think a lot of people think this way, myself included, so I dont think it’s a bad thing to throw out there. It’s kinda sad and unfair in a way. I think you worded it nicely, so do you mind if I reblog it? Its a personal rant so id rather ask first
thank you, and i don’t mind it :)
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